5 steps to assure 9 benefits.

Find out how Homexperts ensures a transparent sale of your flat, house or land* at the best price.

1. Homexpert’s boss visits you personally.

Marc meets you to get to know you, to understand your situation and your objectives, and to put together a complete file on your property. He then recommends the 3 partner agencies he thinks are best placed to sell your property.

This stage is doubly important:

1) to establish a human relationship that will be important throughout the sales process and

2) because our in-depth visit enables us to compare the 3 estimates with full knowledge of the facts.

2. We submit you the result of our comparative analysis

After sending our detailed file of your property to the 3 selected realtors, we receive their independent estimates.

We then carry out a critical comparison of the 3 estimates and superimpose our own valuation.

If the agencies’ estimates are too far apart, we contact each one to confront their view  with the estimates and reasoning of the other agencies.

Based on this in-depth analysis, we draw up a summary which we submit to you, specifying the realistic price as well as a high and low range.

3. We decide on the best selling price, together.

Together with you, we go through the 3 valuations and our summary to select the price for the mandate and the best price to display. In other words, a price that takes account of your objectives, optimises your assets and enables you to sell within the timeframe you are aiming for.

Once we have agreed this selling price, our mandate becomes officially valid.

4. The selected realtor launches the sale of your property.

You are free to choose the agency that will handle the sale from among the 3 agencies that have submitted their estimates. This agency then takes care of selling your property: it takes professional photos, publishes the advert on the main property portals, informs its database of potential buyers, arranges viewings, negotiates with interested parties, etc.

5. We provide follow-up and assist you through to the successful sale.

We monitor the agency’s work throughout the sales process to ensure that the sale goes smoothly.

If deemed necessary, we can also add a second certified agency along the way.

We support and assist you throughout the sales process. For example, we keep a close eye on developments in the property market, so that we can advise you proactively if we think something needs to be changed; we advise you on offers made by potential buyers, etc.

We’re with you every step of the way, right through to signing the deeds.

*In the case of the sale of a plot of land or a house that is suitable for a property development, the procedure is adapted, as we need to analyse whether it is more attractive to sell to a developer, a construction company or a private buyer. We then need to approach several professionals to compare their offers in full knowledge of the facts. And, of course, we need to take account of your sales objectives: the sale is organised differently if you want to get your money quickly than if time is of little importance to you but you want to get the absolute maximum.

9 advantages of selling with Homexperts.

When you sell your property, you have the choice of doing it alone, handing it over randomly to an agent or using Homexperts.

Let’s see why Homexperts is the best option.

Our interests are 100% aligned

Our common interest is to sell at the best market price, within a reasonable timeframe. It is not to sell with as little work as possible (too low a price) and our only customer is you (not the buyer). That's why we defend your interests. Not those of the agency or the buyer.

For us, it's all about you!

Not the buyer.
Not the agency.
Because Homexperts' interests are 100% aligned with yours, by defending our own interests, we're defending yours.

3 estimates to set the best price

We've said it before, but it really is essential. The property market isn't perfect, and nobody has the ultimate knowledge. That's why you need several different opinions, which we critically analyse thanks to our own in-depth experience of the market.

Our advice is objective

We're not blowing smoke. We give you our objective opinion of the value of your property. If your expectations are too far from our realistic estimate, we are of course not obliged to work together.

We're checking on the realtor

As it is in our own interests that everything goes as smoothly as possible, we monitor the agency's work on an almost weekly basis. You therefore have an important ally in making sure that your sale is progressing as it should.

We monitor the market

We constantly analyse how the market is evolving, we monitor the impact of interest rates changes on buyers' purchasing power and we monitor the visits and offers for your property. That's what we do every day.

We are your guide

We contact you if we think we need to adjust anything, to discuss an optimisation, to possibly add an extra agency etc, and we advise you in the negotiations, with regard to the bids received, the clauses of the sales agreement.

We carry weight

For our partner agencies, we are much more than just a customer who sells once or twice in a lifetime. We're an important partner who generates a lot of business for them, and they don't want to disappoint us.

A choice that pays for itself

You pay the usual commission of 3% excluding VAT, which Homexperts shares with its partner agency. So there are no extra costs involved to ensure that your interests are defended all along the way and that you get the best possible service and result.

Our interests are 100% aligned.

By defending our interests, we're defending yours!

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