Why sell your house, flat or plot of land with Homexperts ?

When you sell your property, you can take care of things yourself, entrust the process to a random agent or work with Homexperts. Let's see why trusting Homexperts is the most advantageous option.

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Why does Homexperts offer you more than working directly with an agent?

  1. First of all, we guarantee you will be working with a first-class certified agency, as we have carefully selected our partner agencies on 200+ criteria.
  2. We recommend you 3 of our partner agencies that we consider best positioned to sell your property, depending on the location and type of property, as well as your preferences.
  3. You receive 3 independent estimates from these 3 agencies, meaning you get 3 professional estimates from only one visit.
  4. Together, we determine the best selling price for your property, on the basis of these 3 estimates. If one estimate differs by too much, it’s our role to understand why and advise you accordingly, so that you can optimize your assets in any case.
  5. Thanks to determining the right price, you will sell within a reasonable time frame.
  6. You benefit from all the usual advantages of working with a trustworthy agent.
  7. The agency you select will have an exclusive mandate, but limited to 3 months. After 3 months, we can - if necessary - bring in a second agency. You therefore benefit from a motivated agency, without however being at the mercy of a single agency.
  8. We follow up on the work of the agency you have retained and we are there to assist and advise you at any time, up to the successful sale of your property.
  9. And last but no least, you have no extra cost, since we work with the usual 3% commission, which we share with the agency that handles the sale.

Why does Homexperts offer you more than selling your property yourself?

  1. You receive 3 independent estimates from 3 experienced agencies. This will allow you to determine the best price for your property, which will ensure you sell quickly while optimizing the impact on your financial assets.
  2. You benefit from expert advice to optimize the value of your property. We may also identify opportunities that you are not aware of to increase the value of your property, such as the possibility of transforming your home into a residential property.
  3. The certified agency has the necessary experience to negotiate effectively with buyers. Don’t forget that you, the seller, sell a single property when buyers see on average dozens of them and learn to negotiate over time.
  4. The certified agency has the necessary experience to draw the attention of buyers to the main assets of your property.
  5. You benefit from the extensive database of potential acquirers your certified agency keeps constantly updated.
  6. Your agency organises and manages the visits, so you save valuable time.
  7. Your ad will be much better positioned in the main real estate platforms and will be composed of professional photos and texts, which increases its attractiveness.
  8. You receive professional advice, e.g. on legal and tax matters.
  9. You will not be constantly harassed by intrusive agents, calling you to get a mandate for your property.
  10. Instead of venturing alone in this operation, which has a major influence on your financial assets, your trusted agency and Homexperts will assist you, step by step, until the successful sale of your property.
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Advantages that make a difference without extra cost... as we work with the usual commission of 3%.
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