3 unique advantages to sell your property

1. Choose a trustworthy agent.

Our exclusive partnership with "The Broker Certificate" assures you quick access to only the best realtors in Luxembourg.

2. Be assured to define the right price.

Our exclusive method, based on the independent input of several partner agencies, allows you to determine the best price for your property.

3. Benefit from a competent support.

We follow-up on the work of the realtor you retained and make sure the sale of your property is carried out swiftly and smoothly.

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Homexperts assures you work with a trustworthy real estate agency, one that is competent, committed, honest and efficient.

We are not a real estate agency but a portal linking you, property owner, to a handpicked selection of the best The Broker Certificate certified agencies in Luxembourg.

We thus guarantee you access to a rigorous selection of the best realtors in the country and we support you every step of the way:

- We compile the complete and detailed file of your property and transmit it to our certified partner agencies,

- The interested agencies evaluate your property and communicate their suggested price ranges, based upon which we agree on the best objective price with you,

- You choose the agency with which you want to work on the basis of qualitative and quantitative insight we provide you with on each one of them,

- We follow-up on the work of the agency you retained and assist you in every step until the successful sale of your property.


You are sure to work with a trustworthy agency

By selecting only the best The Broker Certificate certified agencies, we guarantee you swift access to a competent, committed, reliable and efficient realtor.

You publish your property at the right price

Our unique method involves the independent evaluation of your property by several certified partner agencies. We can thus objectively determine the best price for your house, flat or plot of land.

You will sell your property in a reasonable timeframe

The "market price" we will be able to determine objectively is the best assurance to sell your property swiftly, instead of the average of more than 16 months! (Monthly average of 821 properties sold in 2016, divided by 13.456 properties on sale in Q4 = average sales duration of 16,3 months).

A committed agency... and a second one, if necessary

The commitment of your agency is ensured by the retainer that it must pay up-front to Homexperts and by its exclusive mandate limited to three months. If, despite everything, things do not move fast enough, we can decide together to give a mandate to a second certified agency after three months.

You benefit from our permanent assistance

We regularly follow-up on the agency's work, we assist you whenever necessary and and we ensure that the sales process is flawless.

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