Who is behind Homexperts' unique concept of certified real estate agencies?

Homexperts was founded by Marc Neuen with the vision to assure transparency and trust in a market where clients often don't know who to trust.


Marc has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. His passion has always been to innovate to the benefit of the client. Marc has co-founded monster.lu (1999) and athome.lu (2000), which remains to this day Luxembourg's leading real estate portal. He then founded Sympass (2004), the first benefits network in Luxembourg, which today has more than 100,000 members. In 2008 he launched yellow.lu and its mother company Linc SA, one of Luxembourg's leading internet players. In 2017 he finally came back to the real estate sector because he was himself frustrated by the lack of professionalism and transparency encountered when selling a property and wanted to to something about it.

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Marc Homexperts

"Everyone has heard -if not experienced firsthand- frightening stories about the lack of quality, seriousness or ethics when it comes to real estate. Today, well-informed owners no longer want to fall for it, but often do not know which real estate agent is trustworthy and which agency is best placed to sell their property. Homexperts was created to solve these problems and ensure that owners can determine the right price thanks, work with the right agency and benefit from neutral follow-up until the sale." Marc Neuen