3 exclusive advantages to better sell your property

Sell at the best price

We compare 3 independent estimates from 3 partner agencies and overlay our own valuation, based on which we advise you the best selling price.

Choose the best agency

We advise you objectively which certified realtors are best placed to sell your specific property.

100% aligned interests

Our common goal is to achieve the best selling price. Regardless of the efforts required by the realtor to achieve it.


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When selling our flat, we decided to contact Homexperts, as they offer another approach to finding the 'right' agency. Through his experience and contacts, Mr Neuen has suggested various agencies well suited to sell our property. This gave us 3 independent estimates with different arguments. 

The agency we eventually selected together was competent, always 'listening' and we were able to complete the sale of our apartment without any problems.

We recommend all those who, like us, are not sure which agency to go to, to contact Homexperts. It is a different approach and above all a trustworthy experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Marc Neuen once again for his competent support.

Bremer family, Niederkorn


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I wanted to thank you again for your follow up and that the sale of our duplex went so well in the end. 

We were very happy with both agencies, who worked very professionally and we were always kept fully informed of all developments. 

If anyone asks me, I can recommend you without hesitation.

Haas, duplex Howald


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From the first contact with you to the signing of the deed in the presence of the agency we selected, I give you 5 stars. It couldn't have been better. 

In a few words:
- Knowledge of the market: top
- Advice (choice of 3 agencies): top
- Putting the property up for sale (advert and photos): top
- Visits (very good preparation of the agent for the visits): top
- Follow-up (I was always informed of progress and received quick answers to my questions): top
- Signature at the notary's office: top

More professional and competent is not possible. 

Thank you again for everything Mr Neuen.

Leclerc, House in Remich


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Hello Mr Neuen,

I am writing to thank you for your support and follow-up in the sale of my flat. 

In our society as it is today, one must unfortunately be very careful, especially if, like me, one is not a businesswoman. 

Thanks to your support, everything went wonderfully well and I am delighted. 

Have a nice day,


Flat in Bertrange


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When I decided to sell my property I wondered what kind of agency I should go to but I did not know.

Then I heard your advertisement and contacted you... and then everything went perfectly well.

M. Neuen contacted me immediately for an appointment and the relation was kind and gentle right from the start. I was told the way forward, then Homexperts took care of evaluating the house and submitting 3 offers. I was able to pick out the agency I preferred, a price was set with a small margin of maneuver and that was it for me...

The chosen agency worked quickly and well. They suggested verified buyers and 3 weeks later a client was under compromise with a deadline for the bank approval and the notary.  3 days after signing the deeds I had the money in my account.

I could not have been more than satisfied.

P. Kunsch, Belvaux


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Good morning M. Neuen,

It all worked out as well as promised - to my complete satisfaction !

Our house in Denmark is already paid. Now we are once again heading there as tourists to finish the paperwork and then as "Danes" in February.

I can recommend you happily and with a clear conscience!

With best regards,

Romain K

Romain K, Tuntange


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We were made aware of Homexperts by a radio advertisement and contacted Mr. Neuen to explain our situation (sale of a building lot for 4 single-family homes) and to better understand his approach. 

We quickly agreed on an appointment where Mr. Neuen explained in detail all the necessary steps to obtain the best selling price. 

Homexperts then took care of everything, from contacting and negotiating with the promoters to dealing with the municipality etc. Mr. Neuen compared the different proposals and submitted to us his recommendations and proposals to modify the sales agreements submitted by the developers in order to insure us against any possible future problems. 

Everything went well from start to finish and we highly recommend Mr. Neuen for his excellent work

Mrs Bill, buildabe plot


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We are 100% satisfied with Homexperts and the agency's team! You were a blessing in disguise for us! We were expecting a longer waiting period, also because the house is in need of renovation; which is why we were so amazed that everything went so quickly. We can only recommend you in our circle of acquaintances, and we will certainly do it! Thank you for your commitment. Have a nice Sunday, Family P., House in Esch-Alzette

You were a blessing in disguise


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We have had a very good experience with Homexperts. Due to the unique concept we had a good valuation of our property.

The agency we chose was very professional and found a buyer for our flat after only 2 weeks and at a price that was higher than the planned sales price.

We can only recommend the services of Homexperts.

Many thanks to Mr. Neuen for the good advice.

L. Schanen, flat in Remich

L. Schanen, Flat in Remich


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Making the right choice among the multitude of real estate companies is not easy. That's why we turned to Homexperts.

From the first contact with Mr Neuen we felt comfortable with the proposed approach.

The real estate agency chosen by us, among the selection proposed to carry out the sale, was of excellent quality and very good advice.

Our house was sold at the agreed price and within a more than reasonable timeframe.

All contractual documents between Homexperts and us were easily understandable and transparent.

Homexperts is an excellent alternative that we can recommend without hesitation.

Fam. Beffort – Luxembourg - Cents

House in Cents


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Good morning Mr. Neuen,

as you know, the sales agreement was signed yesterday :-)

You can't imagine how happy we are to have reached out to you after having had 2 bad experiences and having lost a lot of time, whereas thanks to you, our house has now been sold in less than 6 months.

Thank you for all your support both on a professional and human level. 

Very friendly greetings and thank you again for your good work and commitment. 

Manuela and Gilbert Kinsch



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After several unsuccessful attempts to sell our house, we contacted Mr. Neuen from Homexperts.

From the very first interview we were convinced of the effectiveness of his unique concept and know-how as a true expert. We greatly appreciated his detailed expertise, availability and kindness throughout the sales process.

We can only express our complete satisfaction and we will recommend Homexperts to our friends and acquaintances.

Schackmann family, Olm.

Schackmann Family, house in Olm


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I received expert advice and guidance, and the agency I chose for selling my property, out of the 3 agencies that submitted valuations, sold my house quickly and, most of all, at a better price than I had hoped for. 

2 days after his visit, the agent had already scheduled several visits and one of the first visitors very quickly decided to buy. Between the first contact with Mr Neuen from Homexperts and the notarial deed, barely 3 months passed. 

I highly recommend Homexperts. Once again a very big thank you!

Marc P. Esch/Lalleng


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From the first contact, we were in good hands and it was the right decision for us to choose Homexperts. 

From the first telephone contact to the thorough visit for the estimate and the good advice on the agencies you recommended for our house. You were always available and always took the time for us if we had any questions. 

We quickly decided on an agency and, here too, we were very satisfied. The agent was very competent and friendly, everything went smoothly (first contact, visits, procedures,...) and after 10 days he had already found a buyer.

We can only recommend you (in fact, we have already done so!) and if we have the opportunity, we will be happy to work with you again ;-) Thank you again for the great support!

Thoma family, Sandweiler


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The choice to work with Homexperts proved to be the right one. Objective and competent advice - taking into consideration the positive and negative points of our house - and a good recommendation of real estate agencies contributed to our house being sold in only 1.5 months, and for a price significantly higher than what we had imagined.

Tom Gengler, house in Remich


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We were amazed by the speed and ease of the sales process. After a first visit and a very friendly and professional contact with Homexperts we were quickly contacted by the agency we selected together with Mr Neuen. The agency that was recommended to us knew the region well and very quickly found a buyer for a price that well exceeded our initial idea. Homexperts followed the file until the sale and the overall very positive experience leads us to recommend Homexperts and its unique approach.  

Sven Casel, house in Beaufort (9/2019)


Image Homexperts

Thank you very much for your help, everything went well regarding the sale of our house. We are very satisfied indeed:)

Everything was 'closed' much more quickly than we had originally imagined.

Certainly thanks to your initial services and the good work of the agency you recommended to us! 

Françoise T., house in Gonderange (8/2019)


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Since we did not know which real estate agency to turn to for the sale of our apartment and what price we could expect at all, Homexpert's approach seemed to us to be the right option.

The direct contact and visit of Mr. Neuen made a good consultation and immediate confidence possible. Based on the desired date of sale, we were helped to choose the right time when the apartment should be put on sale. Several competent agencies with experience in the affected residential area were suggested to us and we were in very good hands with the agency we retained.

The selling price was above our expectations and proved to be the right one. The sale went faster than expected and without complications. So I can only recommend the service of Homexperts.

F. Proietti Family, flat in Cessange


Image Homexperts

Having had a bad experience in a previous real estate sale, my friend advised me Homexperts for the sale of my parental home.

Mr Neuen visited us very quickly and after a week he already presented and explained the 3 estimates to my brother and me. The agency we selected came to agree on the details and start the sale.

After 2 months everything was completed, for the selling price we had hoped for. It was a quick, kind and professional support until the notarial deed.

We highly recommend Mr. Neuen's services to any seller.

Patrick et Jean-Claude Steffen, Maison à Eischen


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I tried to sell my house in Wiltz for over a year with another real estate agency. Without success. I then decided to contact Mr. Neuen because I found his concept interesting. 
The telephone contact was very professional and friendly, as was the first appointment. Mr. Neuen took a lot of time and noted everything in detail. I quickly decided on one of the agencies he advised me and I was also very satisfied with their services.
And what I would never have imagined is that after a week I already had a proposal from an interested buyer, which I accepted. It couldn't have been better!
Thanks again to Mr. Neuen. I can only recommend Homexperts. 

Joëlle Schiertz, maison Wiltz


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A big thank you from all my heart for the good advice and support for the sale of my family home in Esch-Lallange.

I'm glad we were able to sell the house quickly and at a good price, and my feeling tells me it's sold "to the right people".

I would also like to thank especially the good work of the real estate agent, his jovial and friendly support and his competent advice ... and I was able to express myself in my native language 😊

Thank you for everything!

Mrs Lordong, House in Esch-Alzette


Image Homexperts

The sale via Homexperts was easy, fast and professional.

After Mr Neuen's personal visit, who gave me some practical advice on how to better showcase the property, I quickly received recommended price quotes from the 3 agencies Mr Neuen recommended for my flat.

The agency I selected was very professional and found a buyer in less than a week.

I'm sure to use Homexperts again the day I have another property for sale.

Mrs Steichen, Flat à Echternach


Image Homexperts

We have recently completed the sale of our house and would like to thank Homexperts and in particular Marc Neuen, its founder.

He made a significant contribution to the success of our project with his expert advice and competence and stood by us when we needed him.

We wish him all the best and strongly recommend Homexperts to other sellers.

Schaack Family, House in Kayl


Image Homexperts

Apart from the bank's indication, we didn't know how much our apartment was worth, nor which agency is working seriously. That's why we turned to Homexperts. It was obviously the right choice because we were able to sell very quickly and at a price above our expectations.

Julia & Jeff, Flat in Fentange

Our Mission:

Sell your Property at the Best Price

Homexperts brings transparency and trust in a sector where it is difficult to find a reliable partner.

The sale of a property has a major impact on your assets. If you are badly advised, you risk losing a lot of money or even over-indebting yourself with a new property purchase.

Homexperts has been created to provide unique solutions to the 4 main problems encountered during the sale of a property:

1. Which real estate agency can you really trust? There is a high risk of running into a realtor that lacks seriousness, experience or even ethics. Homexperts therefore only works with the agencies that performed best in "The Broker Certificate" and will advise you which 3 partner agencies are best placed to sell your specific property.

2. How to determine the best selling price? Too high, and you risk not selling. Too low and you lose a lot of money. We therefore carry out a comparative analysis of 3 independent estimates and make our own evaluation on top, based on our personal visit. This enables us to determine the best price, i.e. the one that optimises your sale while being realistic.

3. How can we be sure that the agency is working well? Homexperts only works with the best certified agencies and closely monitors their work. If necessary, we can also add a second agency after 3 months. The double advantage for you is that the first agency is even more motivated to work well right from the start and if things nevertheless don't go as imagined, we can add a second agency along the way.

4. How can you be sure that the agency is working in YOUR best interest? Some agencies may advise you a price that is too low (to sell without a lot of work) or too high (to get the mandate, even if they know that the price is not realistic). Homexperts' interests are 100% aligned with yours: to guarantee a quick sale at the best price, regardless of the agency's efforts. You can therefore be sure that we always act in your best interest!

Our unique benefits
to sell your property motre efficiently

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1 Visit = 3 Valuations

The owner of Homexperts himself carries out the visit in order to compile a complete file of your property and to have a good personal appreciation of it. He then advises you on the 3 agencies best positioned to sell your property, sends them the complete file and receives from each of them their independent valuation.

Money bag Homexperts


It is not enough to receive 3 estimates. It is still necessary to be able to analyse them objectively and critically in order to draw the right conclusions! Thanks to our experience in the field and our on-site visit, we are able to carry out a thorough comparative analysis of the 3 estimates and superimpose our own assessment on them. This enables us to deduce the "right" price and a high and low range.

Muscle Homexperts


We work with a limited number of estate agencies that we can trust 100%. The selection process for our agencies is very rigorous and objective: we only work with agencies that have performed best on "The Broker Certificate". There are therefore no commercial or subjective considerations in our selection and quality takes precedence over quantity.

Peace Homexperts


Realtors are always more motivated if they have exclusivity and this is also in your interest (otherwise instead of trying to sell at the best price, agencies may be motivated to sell faster than others). But this exclusivity should not become too comfortable for the agency. That is why we can decide together, after 3 months, to add a second agency. This gives you extra assurance and motivates the first agency all the more to work well from the start.

Calendar Homexperts


The Homexperts owenr follows your file himself. He regularly checks with the chosen agency to make sure that everything goes according to plan and he advises and assists you right up to the notarial deed. From the visit to the deed of sale, he makes sure that everything goes well, because his interests are 100% aligned with yours.

Advantages that make a difference without extra cost... as we work with the usual commission of 3%.
Contact us without commitment on 585 506, or click on a link below.

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We also help you coordinate
the sale and the purchase

You want to buy a house or flat but first need to know what your current property is worth?

Many of our clients need to coordinate the sale of their current property with the purchase of the new one.

So, first of all, we carry out an accurate and honest valuation of your property, so that you can calculate your budget. We then wait for your green light before we start the sales process of your current property.

We can also help you find your new property more easily by communicating your search criteria to our partner agencies so they can add you to their list of potential buyers and contact you when they receive new properties responding to your interests.

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