3 exclusive advantages to better sell your property

1. Sell at the best possible price

We receive 3 independent estimates of your property from our partner agencies. We compare them so we can determine the best selling price together with you.

2. Choose the most suitable agency for your property

We help you to select the agency that is best placed to sell your property efficiently.

3. Benefit from our neutral support.

We follow-up on the work of the agency you have chosen and ensure that everything runs smoothly until the sale. And all this for the usual 3%.


A big thank you from all my heart for the good advice and support for the sale of my family home in Esch-Lallange.

I'm glad we were able to sell the house quickly and at a good price, and my feeling tells me it's sold "to the right people".

I would also like to thank especially the good work of the real estate agent, his jovial and friendly support and his competent advice ... and I was able to express myself in my native language 😊

Thank you for everything!

Mrs Lordong, House in Esch-Alzette


The sale via Homexperts was easy, fast and professional.

After Mr Neuen's personal visit, who gave me some practical advice on how to better showcase the property, I quickly received recommended price quotes from the 3 agencies Mr Neuen recommended for my flat.

The agency I selected was very professional and found a buyer in less than a week.

I'm sure to use Homexperts again the day I have another property for sale.

Mrs Steichen, Flat à Echternach


We have recently completed the sale of our house and would like to thank Homexperts and in particular Marc Neuen, its founder.

He made a significant contribution to the success of our project with his expert advice and competence and stood by us when we needed him.

We wish him all the best and strongly recommend Homexperts to other sellers.

Schaack Family, House in Kayl


Apart from the bank's indication, we didn't know how much our apartment was worth, nor which agency is working seriously. That's why we turned to Homexperts. It was obviously the right choice because we were able to sell very quickly and at a price above our expectations.

Julia & Jeff, Flat in Fentange


Homexperts assures you work with a trustworthy real estate agency, one that is competent, committed, honest and efficient.

We are not a real estate agency but a portal linking you, property owner, to a handpicked selection of the best The Broker Certificate certified agencies in Luxembourg.

We thus guarantee you access to a rigorous selection of the best realtors in the country and we support you every step of the way:

1. We compile the complete and detailed file of your property and transmit it to 3 certified partner agencies we choose together.

2. These 3 agencies evaluate your property for free. You receive thus 3 independent estimates from 3 agencies that have a perfect knowledge of their business and the market. This allows us to objectively determine the best selling price together.

3. You choose the certified agency that is best placed to sell your property.

4. We follow-up on the work of the agency you retained and assist you in every step until the successful sale of your property. And all this for the usual 3% commission only.


Work with a trustworthy certified agency, best suited to sell your property

By selecting only the best The Broker Certificate certified agencies, we guarantee you swift access to a competent, committed, reliable and efficient realtor. In addition, we advise you which agencies are ideally suited for your type of property.

Sell your property at the best price

Thanks to the independent evaluation of your property by 3 partner agencies we can define together the best price for your property. The selling price will thus be based on the experience of the best certified agencies in the country, which carry out enough sales each year to really master the market.

Sell your property in a reasonable timeframe

The "market price" we will be able to determine objectively is the best assurance to sell your property swiftly, instead of the average of more than 16 months! (Monthly average of 821 properties sold in 2016, divided by 13.456 properties on sale in Q4 = average sales duration of 16,3 months).

A highly committed agency... and a second one, if necessary

Your agency's commitment is ensured by its mandate, which is exclusive for a limited period of 3 months. If, despite all the efforts, things do not progress quickly enough, we can decide together to entrust a mandate to a second certified agency after the intial 3 months.

Benefit from our permanent and neutral assistance

We regularly monitor the agency you have chosen, we assist you with any needs and ensure that the sales process runs smoothly.

Advantages that make a difference without extra cost... There's no reason not to reach out to us !
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