How does Homexperts work?

From the compilation of your file to the successful sale of your property, Homexperts is with you all the way.

Step 1

First, we pay you a visit.

We meet you, to visit your property but also to get to know you and to understand your situation and your goals. We take the measurements of the property and all necessary information to establish the complete file of your property. There's of course no commitment from you at this stage.

Step 2

We communicate your property details to several certified agencies.

On the basis of all the information we collected, we create a detailed file of your property and transmit it to a selection of several certified agencies. These can then each submit their value estimates. We can thus determine a very precise and objective price range, based on the experience of the best certified agencies.

Step 3

We decide on a price, together.

We meet again to go through the independent price estimates and to decide, together, upon a sale price on the basis of which we sign a mandate. This price will be based on several objective valuation methods and on the experience of the best certified agencies. This unique method to determine the "market value" price of your property is the best guarantee to sell your estate in a reasonable time frame, instead of the market average of more than 15 months.

Step 4

You retain the agency of your choice.

We give you access to the main certification results of each agency and we can of course assist you objectively in an initial screening of our partner agencies. You thus have all the information you need to choose the agency that suits you best. You can of course also ask for a visit from one or more agencies to facilitate your choice.

Step 5

We assist you until the successful sale of your property.

Once you have selected an agency, we assign them an exclusive sub-mandate of 3 months and we follow up on their progress until the sale is completed. If required, we can also entrust a second sub-mandate of 3 months to a complementary certified agency. And we assist you during the complete sale process, until the signature of the notarial deeds.